Work as a Trustee

At the end of the day, the job of a College Trustee is to increase student success and ensure that all constituents (students, faculty, staff, neighbors, graduates and you) have access to educational excellence…

William Kyle Iverson, Napa Valley College Board Trustee, District 4As the incumbent Trustee for Area 4, Kyle understands how important community colleges are in revitalizing the economy and providing students with accessible options that can help them build lifelong careers. “Kyle Iverson has worked tirelessly to build consensus that will achieve results for students. His leadership helped bring the Napa Silverado’s Baseball Team to campus and increased bilingual mental health services available to students. During last year’s devastating wildfires, Kyle urged the college to open their doors to survivors as an evacuation enter. Kyle’s hard work and dedication to student access through affordable education have made a deep and lasting impact on our community” said Congressman Mike Thompson.

“Kyle has developed strong relationships with the veteran community. Napa College veterans know that Kyle Iverson has their six as he continues to work toward student housing, access to education and veteran services on campus. His strong relationship with the veteran community is a result of his ongoing commitment to the college and his respect to those who have served our country” said Michael Donovan Max, former student and veteran.

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