Since 2016, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with the students and faculty, the community, and all members of the Napa Valley College Board, representing Area 4.  As a Trustee, we are involved in facilitating and/or initiating change with programs, procedures, and management of school resources. I’m proud to list the College’s accomplishments during my tenure in the following areas:

  • Compensation and Classification Study, including job description standardization
  • Streamlining Hiring and Hiring Committee processes
  • Online Recruitment Module – NeoGov – implementation
  • 75th Anniversary Communications Campaign, including Open House where approximately 3500 community members visited the campus and learned about our programs and facilities
  • Community Engagement Campaign re: Facilities
  • Launch of Enterprise Activity – Food Truck Catering and Concessions
  • New and Revised Partnership agreements: Napa Silverados, Festival Napa Valley, Napa County Alliance for Seniors Education
  • Facilities Master Plan and Bond Implementation List
  • Hiring new Controller
  • Hiring new IT Director
  • Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) Upgrades
  • Implement Student Mini-Portal to provide access
  • Technology Master Plan
  • Reorganization of Payroll/Accounting
  • Engaged with City of Napa on development of the Kennedy Park Master Plan, where future partnership activities are expected
  • Launch and conversion to new online Learning Management System (LMS) – Canvas
  • Reorganization of Instructional Programs, Department, and Deans
  • Continued Grants such worth several million dollars in funding to support Student Services and expand outreach to local High Schools
  • Returned number of full-time faculty to historic highs

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