Voting in Napa County

There are many ways you can register to vote – and you can now register AND vote on November 6th:

Napa County Ballot DropboxIf you have completed a paper form, you can mail it in to the Elections Office or drop it off at the Elections Office or at one of the Voting Centers.

You may notice official looking statements that say you cannot register after October 15th  What this really means is that your ballot will not be mailed to you for the November 6th election if you do not register on or before October 15th.  If you register from October 16th through November 6th, you will have to go pick up your ballot at the Elections Office or Voting Centers.  The formal term for this is “Conditional Voter Registration” and your vote will be counted.

It is important to note that you can also continue to register to vote online after October 15th – but you will have to go pick up your ballot at the Elections Office or Voting Center.

You can register and vote the same day up to and including November 6th

Register and Vote November 6thThis type of registration is called “Conditional Voter Registration” – which only means that the county registrar must first validate your registration, and then, when your registration is validated, your vote is counted (as long as you’ve filled out the required information and signed the outside of the ballot).


Please check with the Napa County Elections Office with any questions.

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